Magic Hands Therapeutic Services

Helping parents and their children
to release pain and tightness and reclaim their lives.

Migraines or Headaches?

Menstrual pain and problems?

Neck and Back Pain?

Deb offers effective light touch therapy to help you transform your pain into a new sense of freedom, empowerment, and joy. Deb identifies the tightness, assists it to release and keeps you safe as it does.

Fussy baby?

Nursing challenges?

Sleeping issues?

Deb has had a reputation for “Magic Hands” for over 40 years. For more than 20 of those years Deb has focused on assisting birthing couples as an educator and labor doula. She has supported parents through over 450 births, bringing knowledge, skills and courage to that challenging event. She has also built a reputation for encouraging babies to move to a better birth position inside their mamas.

Deb has seen over and over the importance of touch in healing and comfort. Our bodies protect us but can then store tightness from injury, trauma, emotions and repetitive motions. Craniosacral Fascia Therapy, Gillespie Approach is a gentle, effective technique to loosen that tightness, in combination with the other skills she has learned through experience and training. It is both therapeutic and refreshing. You sit, stand or lie comfortably on the massage table in loose, comfortable clothing.


Deb currently practices alongside Rebekah Kopko and Susan Tokarz at Balance Bodyworks, 1120 E. Main, Suite 230, St Charles, IL 60174. She can practice individually or do co-therapy with her associates. Co-therapy allows more than one area of the body to loosen simultaneously and often connects the areas and loosens between them. This can provide more benefits in the same time frame. Co-therapy is recommended for pediatric clients. 


Limited outcall options are available at your location for those who meet the criteria. 


Call or text Deb today at 630.202.3641 to set up your appointment.