My husband and I had heard great things about the Bradley Method from friends, so we searched online for an instructor in our area. Deb lives about 5 minutes away, so we called her up and signed up for classes. Little did we know how lucky we would be to have found someone who would support us and our baby so close to home!
During class, we really appreciated Deb’s information and teaching style. I felt like we were learning things that we just couldn’t get out of a book, and she made the time fly by! As the weeks went on, we considered hiring Deb to be our doula as well. We hadn’t really expected to have a doula, but thought it might be the right choice for us. A little background, my Mom passed away in 2003. I knew I would have the support of my husband during labor, but longed for another woman in the hospital room that I could trust and knew would be rooting for me and my baby. Deb turned out to be that woman!
During labor, Deb was helpful and decisive when we needed her to be. We had a tub available to us, and I couldn’t decide if that would help labor pains or not. My husband was willing to do whatever I wanted…but I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore. Deb said, “Do you want to get in the tub?” I said “I don’t know…” She said, “Let’s get in the tub!” It really helped, and I don’t think I would have taken advantage of it without her prompting.
Also, I really appreciated Deb’s help with breastfeeding. All of the information in class was so helpful, but it was great to have her there to help me and baby get connected as soon as he came out and was ready to eat. I knew we were off to a great start! She also stopped by our home the day after we came home to help check baby’s latch and positioning. (Again, how lucky to live so close!) To be honest, I’m not sure I could have stuck with it for so long (8 months and going strong!) if not for Deb.
Looking back on baby #1 and looking forward someday to baby #2, we would do some things differently. We would take more photos during labor (early labor, that is), and we might consider a midwife or home birth. But, there is one thing we wouldn’t change – having Deb with us as a vital member of our labor support team. She is warm and caring. She is intelligent, informed, and decisive. But, most of all, she is for Mom, she is for Coach, and she is for your precious little baby. She wants the best for all of you and for the birth that God gives you.

Sharron B.