Thank you for your interest in learning more and finding support for your upcomming birth. This joyful life experience can also be confusing, especially with all the choices about the health and well-being of mother and baby.
A comprehensive childbirth class is a great way to prepare during your pregnancy for the joys and challenges of giving birth and adjusting to life with baby. Informed Beginnings classes believe that a successful birth is one in which couples make good informed decisions based on the labor they are given. They include great information and skills for pregnancy, labor and delivery, making good choices, newborns and breastfeeding.
A doula is like a labor coach for hire who actually knows what she is doing! A doula can be particularly helpful in providing comfort, reassurance of normality, information on alternatives and practical help. She can provide knowledge, skills and courage to the birthing couple.
If you are going to remodel your kitchen or your bath, you will have one kind of experience if you prepare by taking a couple of 2 hour classes at the Home Depot. You will have another kind of experience if you take, say, a junior college class where you learn about all the aspects like electrical, plumbing, tile and the rest. You will have another kind of experience if you get prepared and then have an experienced remodeler work along side you. Informed Beginnings classes are like a junior college class and I am your experienced remodeler of birth.
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